Frequently asked questions about the Secret Horse Box and (Natural) Horse Box.

* What is a Secret Horse Box?

This is a Box that you buy for 20 €, 30 € or 50 €.
But you receive articles for a much larger amount.
This Box is always PERSONAL! We take into account the sizes of the rider and the horse as well as the preference of the color choice.
The items are always ordered from our supplier AFTER we have received your order, so take into account a delivery time of approximately 2 weeks.
We order weekly from our suppliers. You will therefore never receive items that we have in stock (visible on our website). You only discover the content when you receive the Box and there are never 2 identical Boxes.

* What is a (Natural) Horse Box?

The contents of these Boxes are visible and therefore not secret.
There are always some of each edition in stock. (They change regularly)
Articles in these Boxes are articles that you will not find on our webshop, if this happens sometimes, this will be stated!

* What is the difference between a Natural Horse Box and a Horse Box?

The content! The Natural Horse Box ALWAYS contains natural products.
With the Horse Box it is possible that you receive sweets with some sugar / molasses in it, with the Natural Horse Box this does not occur.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact me, I will answer them with great pleasure!