Frequently asked questions about the Secret Horse Box.

* What can I find in a Secret Horse Box?

I always pick out articles and products that every rider can use, whether you have your own horse or not.
Which I also use myself and on top of that is handy.

The purchase price for a Secret Horse Box is 15 € (small) and 30 € (big) but you receive for much more!          

              ** This way you can also find samples and test certain products.
                We receive these samples from our suppliers and manufacturers.         
              ** We also receive FREE articles which I of course also place for FREE in the Secret Horse Box.         
              ** And there is also a discount voucher from us in EVERY Secret Horse Box that you can use for your next                 Secret Horse Box or in our web store.          
              ** If we receive coupons from other producers, we also distribute them in the SH Box!

We will of course keep the content "secret" until you receive it!

Example: You receive 5 items / products worth 32.85 €. You will receive EXTRA articles with a value of € 9.95. (Samples and coupons are NOT included!).
You will therefore receive a SH Box with a total value of € 42.80.

* I order a Secret Horse Box and something from the webshop. Is there a chance that I will receive something double?


You will never find articles / products that I offer in the webshop in our Secret Horse Boxes, UNLESS they are samples products. I want to give people the opportunity to purchase the products of the samples in our webshop.

* I want to order two Secret Horse Boxes and there is only 1 left in stock?

This is no problem at all! I have a solution for this.
Send me an email and also your login name. Then I will send you an email with further instructions to order 1 or more Secret Horse Boxes of the new series extra. We always have sufficient stock.

* If I order two Secret Horse Boxes in a time of 6 months, is there a chance that I will receive an item again?


I always try to ensure that you never receive the same item / product in a Secret Horse Box for at least 1 year. Should this happen, you can let me know by email! Don't forget to mention your purchase dates so that I can check this. If it turns out that I indeed had put the same item in a previous SH Box, the value of this product will be refunded!

* If I order two Secret Horse Boxes, will I receive two the same or not?

You can see a date in the webshop for the Secret Horse Box article.
Example: 10 March.
If you order an SH Box on 11 March and you want to order one after receipt, look at the date. If the date is still on 10 March, you will indeed receive the same SH Box identically. If the date has changed, you will receive a completely different SH Box.

If you have not found an answer to your question, please send us an email with your question and I will answer it as soon as possible!