HorseFlex Respiratory blend 600gr


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This herbal blend consists of the 4 most commonly used herbs for respiratory support. Together, the various beneficial properties help maintain healthy airways, mucous membranes and good breathing.

 Big Plantain has a soothing effect on the throat and can be used well to support the immune system.
  Lungwort to support the airways and to breathe more freely and helps reduce mucus.
  Glverfew, also known as Scuttellariae. An herb with many health benefits and best known as a natural antihistamine.
  King's candle a tall yellow-flowered plant, contains several beneficial phytochemicals such as iridoids, saponins, flavonoids and mucilages with soothing effects on the respiratory tract. In addition, royal candle supports the immune system and is good for bladder and kidney function.

- For a tickly throat
- Maintains healthy airways
- For free breathing
- Soothing the mucous membranes

Pony < 350kg: 10 grams per day
Horse > 350kg: 20 grams per day

1 measuring spoon contains approx. 10 grams.